John Mayer

John Mayer, Advocate of the Scottish Bar

John is very much at home in front of a Judge and Jury in the Scottish High Court of Justiciary. A naturally powerful speaker, he 'holds the court in his hand' when he rises to speak on behalf of a client charged with one of the most serious crimes known to the Law of Scotland. John has conducted every type of case, many times 'turning the tide' in an Advocacy case. John is an adventurous Advocate who is always prepared to think beyond the existing jurisprudence to 'what might be' the law - if he can make that happen. He has appeared hundreds of times all over the country 'On Circuit' as well as the High Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh. John likes a challenge and is a passionate believer in the European Convention of Human Rights, particularly the law on 'equality of arms'. In 2007 he made submissions to Lord Coulsfield's Commission on the law of Disclosure by the Prosecution before trial. His adventurous ideas are based upon two phrases from the Privy Council cases of Holland and Sinclair, namey that '... in a developing computerised world it is not unduly burdensome ... ' for the prosecution to make available materials from other parts of the Crown, such as Inland Revenue and Customs, Immigration Authorities and even - dare he say it - the Security Services. To instruct John to defend in a High Court case, just click on 'Instruct John' on the menu.