John Mayer

John Mayer, Advocate of the Scottish Bar

John is proud to hold several Commissions as Procurator Fiscal Depute in Scotland. That means he is a Public Prosecutor (in American say DA) for places such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Falkirk etc. John in equally proud to represent the people in a criminal case. He has been judicially complimented more than once as being a 'natural prosecutor' and John himself thinks that is correct. It is right to say that in every civilised country, only when there has been a fair contest between counsel in court can a society correctly say that their prisoners are properly incarcerated. There is no death penalty in Europe and John agrees 100% with that. Even good counsel have off days and it is right that human error should not result in termination of human life. John started his prosecutorial career in the Palace de Justice - as the District Court in Glasgow is colloquially called. He also prosecuted many Jury cases in the Sheriff Court and has also prosecuted in the High Court of Justiciary. To instruct John to prosecute in a criminal case, just click on 'Instruct John' on the menu.