John Mayer
On 9th January 2007 the Nuclear Security (Scotland) Bill 2007 was launched within the Scottish Parliament by its parliamentary sponsor Michael Matheson, MSP and its author John Mayer, Advocate. Both men said it felt like a good start to the year.
The Bill attracted a good deal of media attention and is reported on the BBC website.
John Mayer and Michael Matheson

Mr Matheson said: 'There is a definite feeling of getting the ball rolling. John and I are next week meeting Greenpeace in London. Also many civic organisations have already pledged support. These include all three big churches in Scotland, the Quakers, the Trade Unions representing the workers at Faslane whose jobs we protect, many school and university teachers, a growing number of nuclear-free Local Authorities, Foreign Governments and the personal support of Cardinal O'Brien who has kindly allowed the Catholic Church's database to be utilised in order to get the message of the Bill out to as many people in Scotland as possible.'

John Mayer said: 'This Bill does exactly what it says in the title. It is aimed squarely at a Scottish issue, but with global dimensions - i.e. crime prevention. That is absolutely within the competence of the Scottish Parliament. Which crimes? Well, the big ones - Crimes Against Humanity. The Scottish Parliament has done half the job with the International Criminal Court Act 2001 which allowed Scotland to prosecute those accused of crimes against humanity. Now we can prevent those crimes in the first place. The Scottish Parliament now has the weapon which trumps the London notion that it is alright to threaten the use or actually use nuclear weapons. That weapon is this Bill. I am very proud to have written it'

Read the Consultation Paper and send your support or comments to John at the link above.