John Mayer

On Friday 27th August 2007 John and his wife Lizzie were privileged to be present at a ceremony on the lawn of the Gillies Centre in Edinburgh where three Nagasaki Survivors planted a tree of friendship in the city.

John Mayer and Nagasaki friends. click here to enlarge this image

Mariko Kuroki with John. click here to reduce this image

Mariko Kuroki, a Japanese Greenpeace Activist with John.

The ceremony was organised by Janet from the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and Nigel Griffiths MP received the tree on behalf of the people of Scotland. John and his wife Lizzie were honoured to host the group for dinner on the following two nights.
The picture of the group shows (from right to left)

(i) Masahiko Moriguchi San (Survivor)
(ii) his older brother Mitsugi Moriguchi San (Survivor)
(iii) John Mayer
(iv) Hiroshi Ideo San (Survivor)
(v) Shinya Moriguchi San (son of Masahiko) and
(vi) Noburu Tasaki San (Friend and Translator).

Masahiko Moriguchi San was arrested at Faslane for demonstrating against NATOs nuclear weapons fleet, but was allowed out of jail after being charged. The picture below is of the flyleaf to John's personal copy of his book Nuclear Peace showing all of their signatures. The weekend was full of friendship, which deepend as the conversation around John's dining table revealed more and more about each other's life and work in the cause of peace. John's wife Lizzie provided a banquet and was delighted to welcome a further Japanese guest, (Mrs) Mariko Kuroki (right), a Japanese Greenpeace Activist who was also invited to sign the book.


The flyleaf to John's personal copy of his book Nuclear Peace.