John Mayer
When he was 12 (in 1964) John went home from school one lunchtime and did two things that changed his life. Firstly he combed his hair forward like The Beatles. Secondly he painted a little button-badge with the Peace Sign. Except in those days it was not the sign for the whole Peace Movement. There was no Peace Movement in 1964. The sign was then the logo for the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND). From that day to this John has loved The Beatles, so much so that in 1967 he changed his name to John after John Lennon - he never utters the name he was given. Also, of course, he has been a life-long believer that nuclear weapons cannot solve any of the world's problems and should be de-commissioned. Nowadays he is proud to have become the first lawyer in the world to have had nuclear weapons ruled illegal by a court and to act as Legal Counsel to Greenpeace.